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When strategically executed, a consistent and effective online presence and marketing plan can be a significant growth factor for your business. For this reason, LeMay Consulting’s expert business consulting team cultivates a digital presence backed by extensive research and data that consistently converts and attracts new clientele. 

Marketing is a significant portion of facilitating growth in any business and covers more bases than one may realize. At LeMay Consulting, we work closely with all our clients to aid in the development of business plans and case studies. Additionally, our thorough experience in market research will assist your business in ranking similarly to your competitors. We don’t stop at just your business, we also assist with personal portfolio and resume development to garner more attention on websites like LinkedIn to facilitate personal and professional growth.

LeMay Consulting regularly presents each of our clients with detailed white papers, ROI, and general analytics reports to ensure that all parties are in the loop on what exactly we are doing and how our services are benefiting the business. Additionally, our expert content writing team is experienced in grant writing for non-profit organizations. We understand the different types of grants, which grants are most appropriate to your particular goals, and how to tell a compelling and unique story with the necessary tools and resources to research, choose, and write your grant proposals thoroughly. 

Our experienced team of business consulting professionals will work closely with you to understand your business’s brand identity and specific goals. We will then use this information to improve your business strategies, market, and competitor research, developing a personal and professional digital presence, grant writing, drafting extensive reports, and more. To find out if our business consulting services are the right fit for your small to medium-sized business, or to book a FREE 15-minute consultation, give us a call at (651) 895-5554 or contact us online.

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Thoroughly researched and expertly executed business plans and reports. Together, combining your wants and needs with our industry expertise, we’re able to cultivate a digital presence that facilitates professional growth and a better relationship with stakeholders.

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